Wine packaging must be sexy, lesson 2

Weinverpackungen Muessen Sexy Sein Lektion 2 Titelbild Scaled

Packaging for packaging

Foil-covered or lacquered bottles offer ideal conditions for presenting the contents attractively. The surface area on which product information can be applied is nevertheless larger than the dimensions of a classic paper label. But is there really any added value in terms of information to be found here?

This is mostly about design. The real reason is to stand out from the crowd. An eye-catcher that vies for our attention. This will undoubtedly make the price of this packaging more expensive. However, the contents remain as they were. It’s especially crass when the bottle costs three times the price due to “glitter & bling-bling” compared to the same content in a normal bottle.

If you take a closer look, you will see that it is only the surrounding area that is becoming more expensive. However, this does not improve the quality of the content. In the end, it only benefits the manufacturers who produce these films or refine the bottles. Separation in waste glass is difficult, if not impossible. But that is not the intention either.

(Precious) metals and fine jewelry

Humans began to attach special importance to metallic materials thousands of years ago. Metals have had a decisive influence on human history and our civilization was built on them. Metals are indispensable for our modern world.

Is this the reason why wine products and spirits are repeatedly put into metal cans for special occasions in the annual calendar? What happens to the precious wrappers if they are not reused in the kitchen as a pre-frying container?

Wine bottles are also provided with metallic labels. Even if the content is also noble and of high quality, we should better use these materials where they are useful to society and reduce energy consumption in the process. In the end, no one has anything left in the bottle bank.

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