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Questions & Answers

Why a FairWineAward?

The FairWineAward is the first and only international competition for forward-looking and environmentally friendly wines. Against the backdrop of climate change, it is important to select future-oriented grape varieties that are particularly well adapted to the respective market and environmental conditions and allow for a natural, environmentally friendly, sustainable and culturally valuable wine production. The FairWineAward promotes qualitative competition among producers and puts their wines in the social spotlight.

What are the advantages of participating?

One of the central concerns of the FairWineAward is to create transparency and comparability with regard to quality. Each participant thus receives an objective quality assessment of their wines from independent experts. In addition, the competition offers the opportunity to increase one’s own awareness.

Why is the award ceremony held in conjunction with the new EUROVINO wine fair?

As a new international wine fair, EUROVINO focuses on sustainability. It is therefore only natural that the FairWineAward is presented at EUROVINO. In addition, EUROVINO and FairWine support each other’s activities as partners and are both committed to sustainable development in the wine sector. The next award date is from 3. – 4th of March 2024, more info at www.eurovino.info.

Which wines can be submitted?

All wines that fall into one of the following categories:

  • Resistant grape varieties that were officially approved with resistance properties after 1992.
  • Grape varieties from new breeding after 1900, also with PIWI characteristics.
  • Wines from sustainable production, all grape varieties are permitted.
  • Historic grape varieties that were known and described as grape varieties before 1900, under 1,000 hectares of vines.

Can multiple wines be registered at the same time?

Of course, several wines can be registered by one producer. For five wines we grant a discount of 5% (on the total price); for 6 wines and more we grant a discount of 10% (on the total price). However, the registration of a wine must be done individually.

How many bottles per registered wine are to be provided?

3 bottles must be submitted for each wine registered. Here, one bottle is the test bottle, one bottle serves as a counter bottle in case a qualitative check is necessary and one bottle is intended for a possible final tasting.

Will I get back bottles which are not needed?

For organisational reasons, bottles cannot be returned.

Is there a hotline or help with registration?

You are welcome to send us an email or contact us by phone at +49-221-79005617 or +49-160-5399934.

What is the deadline for registration?

The closing date for registration is 25 January 2023.

How can I correct the data of a wine that has already been registered?

Data of wines already registered can be corrected or changed at any time until the closing date. To do this, simply go back to the login screen and enter the wine under the registration number and then change it.

What do I do if I do not have all the necessary data for a wine?

Please enter the available data. We will check the practicability and, in case of doubt, contact you again.

How are the wines rated?

The evaluation of the wines is carried out by an independent expert jury consisting of experienced wine experts and scientists under the direction of Dr. Hermann Pilz.

When and where will the wine awards take place?

All award-winning wines of the Spring Awards will be presented at the new wine trade fair EUROVINO in Karlsruhe (from 3. – 4th of March 2024) will be presented in a tasting zone and awards will be presented to the winners.

The award-winning wines from the Autumn Award will be presented in a separate event format. Information on this will be announced as known.

Is there a personal invitation for this?

All producers of award-winning wines will be personally invited to the award ceremony.

How will the FairWineAward be accompanied in the press and social media?

There will be extensive coverage of the FairWineAward in both the German and international wine press as well as social media (Facebook, LinkIn, Instagram). Likewise through the network of EUROVINO.