Wine merchant of the year “Independent retail trade”


Wine Merchant of the Year in the category “Independent Wine Retailer” is
Jörg Hieber – Hieber’s Frische Center KG, Binzen.

The company is something special in every respect. There are certainly few companies in the German food retail sector that can compete on an equal footing with the Hieber stores. The statement: “At Hieber, your shopping becomes an experience of pure enjoyment” applies here more than anywhere else.

With up to 60,000 articles from the food and luxury food sector, the markets offer a selection and fresh products, often from regional production in the border triangle of Germany, Switzerland and France, that is second to none.

As a family business with an exemplary commitment to sustainable business practices and a passion for food, employees and customers, Hieber is committed to a socially responsible society.

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Wine plays an important role in the product range. The range in the wine departments, each geared to regional customer requirements, comprises over 4,000 products and offers – it is fair to say – a gigantic selection of regional and international wines, sparkling wines and spirits.

Hieber’s sales area currently includes 16 stores, each of which is so individual and unique and offers exactly what the local people want. With a share of over 7 percent of the company’s total sales, the importance of wine is clear.

When it comes to wine, great importance is attached to advice and, in addition to changing wines, which are constantly available to taste in dispensers, a variety of presentations and serving dates throughout the year enrich the calendar with suitable wines for seasonal occasions.

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There is much more to say about what is special about Hieber and its wine departments: wine tours, a wine market in the fall with over 3,000 visitors and, and, and …

Hieber has rightly earned the Wine Merchant of the Year award. Company founder Jörg Hieber, who learned the confectionery trade, started the company in 1966 together with his wife Anneliese with a small grocery store with 50 square meters of space in the small town of Steinen-Höllstein near Lörrach. In 2010, Jörg Hieber retired from operational business and handed over the management of the company to his son Dieter. Jörg Hieber continues to support the company, even if he has to take a short break due to a skiing accident and is unable to accept the certificate in person.

Firmengruender Joerg Hieber Uebermittelte Per Video Botschaft Seine Glueckwuensche

From this point, the premiere of the new EUROVINO wine trade fair in Karlsruhe (which opens on 3. and 4. March), we would like to wish him a speedy recovery and present the “Wine Merchant of the Year” award in the “Independent Wine Retailer” category to the Managing Director of Sales, Mr. Karsten Pabst and Ms. Sylvia Achilles from the Hieber’s Frische Center sales department with the award and certificate.

Wine Merchant Of The Year Award Ceremony In The &Quot;Independent Wine Retailer&Quot; Category
Sylvia Achilles and Karsten Pabst are delighted to receive the Hieber Markets Wine Merchant of the Year award