Wine merchant of the year “Specialized wine trade”


Wine merchant of the year 2024 in the category “Specialized wine trade” is
Ralph Schmitt – Wine shop Drexler, Freiburg.

When you enter the small traditional store in the heart of Freiburg, you stand directly at a beautiful old wooden counter and are kindly asked about your wishes. Then the team nimbly climbs up to three floors into the old cellars of the traditional house and fetches what the heart desires.

Outside the windows, Swiss customers often press their noses to the ground before expressing their wishes. For the selection of wines, uncompromising work in the vineyard and in the cellar is paramount. Only those who respect nature can bottle great things.

The Wine Merchant of the Year loves to enjoy a good glass of mature VINTAGE Port with his friend Jogi Löw. He was already a customer as a carpenter because he earned a good bit of pocket money by making music. So the wine merchant of the year could certainly take over the piano today.

A hobby became a passion and when he was able to take over the traditional Freiburg business over 30 years ago, his passion became a real passion. We have often tasted together and I really appreciate his incredibly good wine memory. Only recently nailed blind to Martin Wassmer’s chapel. But the true connoisseur and quality freak is also a real connoisseur when it comes to rarities.

He regularly offers incredibly harmonious samples of rarities as well as Burgundy and Tuscan temptations. But that’s not all. Located directly behind the “Colombipark”, Drexlers offers friendly, exciting cuisine with wine and a brilliant wine list.